From Waterfall to Scrum to Kanban in one project

Author Sacha Storz
Track Best practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract For a major TYPO3 platform project requiring an estimated 2000 man hours over a 7 months period, we started out with a 140 page concept and a handful of stakeholders from different departments. After two workshops we convinced the client to do Scrum as we were positive that the concept would not hold over time (we were right). We were also sure that stakeholders would be forced to commit to a common goal once the Scrum Team would start planning sprints (we were wrong).

Based on an Agile contract with detailed scopes per sprint we did two sprints, after which we had to realise that Scrum was not working for us in this project for several reasons. Therefore, to maximise our ability to respond to changes and to minimise all wasteful activities, we switched to Kanban. That had enormous impact on our goal setting strategy, agility, and productivity, and in fact solved most of our problems.

The talk will try to answer why Scrum was not effective for our project, why Kanban was, why Agile contracting is hard, and what we could have done differently right from the start.
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Sacha Storz

Sacha Storz

Sacha Storz works in business development and project management at TechDivision, a TYPO3 agency in the south of Germany. He is member of the TYPO3 Certification Team, the newly formed Extbase Team and the Editorial Team.

As a Project Manager he focuses on Agile/Lean methods and approaches. He is a Certified Scrum Product owner, Kanban enthusiast and occasionally writes about these topics and speaks at camps and conferences.

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