Introduction To Developing TYPO3 Phoenix Websites

Author Christian Mueller
Track Coding
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract After the basic installation, I will show how packages bundle all website-related assets such as TypoScript, templates, and basic content.

We use the site kickstarter to create a skeleton package and customize it. After basic adjustments, we will create our own template.

Later in the process, we add custom content elements, highlighting the powerful flexible content elements directly baked into the TYPO3 Phoenix core.

Finally a short excursion into adjusting the website output using TypoScript and other advanced topics can be made.
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Christian Mueller

Christian Mueller

Christian Müller is TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3 Core Team Member and involved in various TYPO3 projects. He is working as a Freelancer for various german and international web agencies. He is living in Bonn, Germany together with a pile of books, his two cats and his wife.

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