Context aware concepts

Author Jens Hoffmann
Track Best practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract In my well prepared and hopefully inspiring presentation I like to explain the principles, the needs, the pros and cons of context aware concepts - with the main focus on excellerating the user experience in the web.

Since the Internet was born nearly all the concepts, the user behavior and the challenges for agencies, designers and developers have changes dramatically to full-fill todays needs in the web.

Today we use could use concepts like Responsive Design, Semantic Navigation, flexible Search Engines and others - to highly improve the user experience in context of the direct user situations. The device users are using and the surroundings when they are using them are a hard challenge for the content itself and the concepts to access them. Usability is the key to success.

I will try to bring this topic into TYPO3 context and the solutions we could provide thought our beloved - Do anything to anywhere CMS - TYPO3. It will be interesting, fun and you will learn something new - for sure. :)

T3CON 2008 - Speaker Award "Gold"

T3CON 2009 - Speaker Award "Bronze"

T3CON 2010 - Topic "The taste of TYPO3 Phoenix"
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Jens Hoffmann

Jens Hoffmann

Creative Director at
Usability Team-Leader at TYPO3.
Unofficial TYPO3 Evangelist and Fanboy.
Information Architecture & User Experience Freak.

I studied Marketing and Communications with a focus in Industrial Design.
I love my wife, my 2 cats and snowboarding. Apple is my chosen weapon.

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