Performance testing TYPO3 installations

Author Jan-Erik Revsbech
Track Admin - TYPO3 Management
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract As more and more websites are deployed as business critical solutions, demands for performance are high and performance is being promoted to a key variable when evaluating and choosing CMS platform.
There are many means to improving performance of TYPO3 installations, including using Varnish, Memcached and Nginx and optimizing your TYPO3 installation for fast delivery.

At the same time, demands for high availability and easy management drives many towards virtual and/or full cloud solutions, be it public or private clouds.

But at what cost does virtualization comes? And which technologies are most efficient when increasing performance?

Coming from a background in Science, I believe there is only one way to answer the questions above: Testing.

During the talk I will give som insight in how to reply a performance testing strategy using Apache jMeter and cloud testingplatform.
I''ll try to do a comparative analysis on a few different server systems including physical machine, virtual machine, and cloud solutions.
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Jan-Erik Revsbech

Jan-Erik Revsbech

I have a background in experimental physics, but have been working with TYPO3 and The Web since 2001, the last 7 years professionally as founder and partner in MOC.
I have a strong interest in technology, infrastructure, and creating business critical web solutions. Always using TYPO3 as tool.

Besides managing MOC, I have interest in the following topics: Design patterns, Continous integration and delivery and Test Driven Development.

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