TYPO3 backend synchronisation in China and Europe

Author Yves Meili
Track Best practices
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Long Abstract For global market leaders, TYPO3 provides an all-in-one solution into the high quality standards for modern communication in the Web. TYPO3 CMS (Content Management System) are easy to use. Further, TYPO3 Websites and extensions are well known for its stability, high performance and high security for international full service solutions.

The TYPO3 Website relaunch includes several improvements. A new TYPO3 extension called Statistics proxies a Glassfish Java Server to let its users work faster and see content without Java. This TYPO3 extension integrates two glassfish applications into the website and supports faster delivery of content as well as editing without Java.

Further, the customer profits from high performance hosting and support with international replication. This hosting replication with servers in Japan and Europe guarantees a better performance and security. The TYPO3 CMS allows simultaneous editing on more than one server, e.g. in Europe and in China, at the same time. Therefore, online editors in Asia can work at the same time in the back- or frontend of the TYPO3 CMS as their colleagues in Europe. Moreover, the intercontinental replication of content brings more flexibility for long term solutions with further TYPO3 applications in the future.
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Yves Meili

Yves Meili

Yves is project manager at snowflake productions gmbh in Z├╝rich and has worked on numerous TYPO3 project for a wide range of clients. He is responsible for the coordination with the customer and the developers, time planing and budget. Furthermore an important part of his job is consulting and helping customer on their way to a new website. Yves is a Social Media enthusiast and can apply these skills in customer projects.

Education: Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and Master in Science in Information Management

Interests: Online Marketing, Social Networks, Information Visualization, Fencing

Favourite projects: http://www.uster.com, http://www.phonak-communications.com, http://blog.snowflake.ch

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