Git usage with subversion repositories

Author Peter Niederlag
Track Coding
Session type Tutorial (240 minutes)
Long Abstract Once you have discovered the beauty of git you don't ever want to miss it again. However sometimes in reality you are faced with repositories that are managed by subversion. Thanks to the svn plugin of git it is easily possible to still use git to work on these repositories. This tutorial will teach you all the necessary steps into using git with subversion repositories. I'll show you how to clone a subversion repository, fetch changes from subversion and how to commit to subversion from git. After this tutorial you'll also have everything at hand for a successful migration of subversion history to git repositories. Some very basic git knowledge will be helpfull.
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Peter Niederlag

Peter Niederlag

Peter is working with TYPO3 since version 3.5b3 in the year 2000. From the very beginning he has been an active member of the TYPO3 community, today he is a member of the Certification as well as the Server Team. He is co author of the TYPO3 cookbook at O'Reilly and is running his own company providing TYPO3 services

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