Building an extremely successful extension

Author Ingo Renner
Track Best practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Apache Solr for TYPO3 is an extension that integrates two enterprise class software systems. It might be a specialized extension, but it nevertheless makes it easy to use both of them together. We get proof that this is the case by tons of positive feedback, from customers, from users, and last but not least from the TYPO3 community.

We identified a couple of core principles to follow to make an extension successful. These principles are however not limited to an TYPO3 extension alone, they are applicable to whole Open Source projects, too.

This talk will highlight the principles we followed to make EXT:solr so successful so you can create successful projects as well.
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Ingo Renner

Ingo Renner

Part of the TYPO3 community for a long time already Ingo has been active as a Core Developer, Release Manager, Google Summer of Code admin, and is taking care of Social Media.
For the past years his focus was on integrating Apache Solr with TYPO3 bringing together two enterprise class systems.

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