How Universities benefit from TYPO3

Author Jochen Weiland
Track Communication - Marketing
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract The web sites of universities have many things in common: they have similar audiences and requirements. Often it is necessary to communicate with other systems like HIS-LSF that require additional TYPO3 extensions. The idea of working together arouse with the problems of small schools with little budget and manpower to tap into resources of the bigger universities. Since a couple of years TYPO3 webmasters in Southern Germany have formed a working group to discuss and improve the use of TYPO3 at their universities. This talk shows how the implementation of TYPO3 has been improved by joint developments and information exchange. These universities share training courses and have regular meetings where new iedeas and needs are discussed and solutions presented.

We want to present a selection of projects and extension which came about through this collaboration.

A future goal is to create a basis website with cutting edge technologies that can be used a starting installation for any of the collaborating universities and just need individual adjustments.
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Jochen Weiland

Jochen Weiland

Jochen has over 10 years of TYPO3 experience. His company is focussing on TYPO3 related services and is one of the leading TYPO3 hosting providers with over 26.000 domains.

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