Grow the TYPO3 community

Author Ben van 't Ende
Track Community
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract The active community as we know is largely based on aristocracy rather then meritocracy. Leaders and members of teams find their place in the community. We are doing pretty fine as a community, but it is not easy for new members to get in. The evangelist program we are starting is a first initiative to have a broader basis for user contribution. Local representatives will have the task to scout for opportunities (local events like conferences) to promote TYPO3 and get new contributors into our program also by supporting the foundation of local user groups. Creating diversity is one of the other goals. The TYPO3 project does not only need developers, but we need designers, usability people, editors amongst others. One of the things we definitely need are more women in the TYPO3 project. Open Source projects are among the worst concerning male/female ratio. Commercial IT projects generally have 25% women as compared to 2% for Open Source projects. I will also present a program specifically meant to get more women in. Broadening and diversifying are project is essential to keep it healthy.
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Ben van 't Ende

Ben van 't Ende

Ben is community manager for the TYPO3 project, leading a community to grow, inspiring to share and encouraging people to join and participate, reducing bottlenecks and other areas. Managing a community is like herding cats and is more about enabling people to find a basis to participate in the community then actually managing it.

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