Future Proof Development

Author Jeff Segars
Track Coding
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Extbase and Fluid have proved to be a huge leap forward for TYPO3 development. We'll talk about why you should be using them now, how they make you more productive as a developer in the TYPO3 v4 world while also preparing you for development in FLOW3 and Phoenix. Rather than looking at the nuts and bolts of how to update code, we'll focus on the high level concepts shared between Extbase, FLOW3 and Phoenix and the things to watch out for when applying your Extbase knowledge to FLOW3 and Phoenix.
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Jeff Segars

Jeff Segars

Jeff Segars is the lead developer at Busy Noggin Digital and a member of the TYPO3 Core Team. He discovered TYPO3 in 2001 and has been using it in day to day development since 2005.

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