Let's play TYPO3!

Author Søren Schaffstein
Track Communication - Marketing
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Why are your employees "restocking their tower" or "tending to their farm" while they should actually be working?
Physically they are not doing much different in comparison to their regular work: tapping the screen or clicking something with the mouse. But there obviously must be something more _rewarding_ in the game.

This talk will have a closer look on why introducing mechanics from the game world into the TYPO3 project or your company will help to create or improve motivation and thus efficiency.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many levels in your favourite sport and why this is good for you? There's obviously something rewarding in it, so why not put this principle to good use?

This talk will begin with a theoretical part that explores games in general. We'll have a look into the mechanics that drive a player to play a game and more importantly: to play it again. With joy.
By examining real world examples we'll see how the theoretical principles have been put into action successfuly. That is how do other open source projects or actual tools already exploit these mechanics effectively.
Derived from these sources and ideas we'll paint a possible picture for the TYPO3 project, its users and your personal challenges.

One of the recent buzzwords you may have heard or read about is "gamification". It has become a buzzword for some reason. So let's head into the topic and find out more about rewards, achievements, inevitability and the lot...
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Søren Schaffstein

Søren Schaffstein

Søren Schaffstein is CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany.
Main focus of dkd is the devlopment of excellent web solutions – mainly based on TYPO3.
At T3CON06 he won "Best Paper Award" and got 2nd place in "Best Paper Award" at T3CON11.
He loves photography and is developing board games in his free time.

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