Internationalization with FLOW3

Author Karsten Dambekalns
Track Coding
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract I18n and L10n are important parts of most (web) applications. FLOW3 offers various methods to develop applications that can be translated and localized as needed. The talk will show the available API, explain the XLIFF format used for message catalogs and present best practices for putting all those parts to use.
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Karsten Dambekalns

Karsten Dambekalns

Karsten Dambekalns, born in 1977, learnt the basics of web technology the hard way, by looking at other website's HTML source code. After having used OS/2, Windows and Linux he now uses a Mac. All this happened after having learnt BASIC and Assembler on a good old Commodore C128...

Using PHP since 1999 Karsten discovered TYPO3 in 2002 and got caught by it's immense possibilities. Now he is part of the TYPO3 and FLOW3 core development teams and a besides being an active contributor to the community also member of the TYPO3 Association.

Karsten lives in Lübeck, Germany with his wife Līga, three sons and a nameless espresso machine.

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