Delivering a TYPO3 Project into the Enterprise

Author Robert Weißgraeber
Track Best practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract We will present a case study about challenges and solutions to TYPO3 and project management in a large project: How to manage different teams and service providers, timetables, multiple overlapping projects. From a technical perspective (delivering of inter-system interfaces) and from a communication/project management perspective.

The talk is based on a large project which started in spring of 2011 and went live in the summer of 2012 and two other similar projects. It provides a real-world example concerning the different challenges typically met in enterprise scenarios.

The portal itself is an TYPO3 website combined with two different Extbase/Fluid-SAP-Integrations and a Solr-backend for accessing file server meta-data. In total 13 external systems are integrated via webservices into the enterprise portal, and the portal itself provides web-services for Websphere Commerce and SAP.

Backend-tasks are implemented in a FLOW3 application, bridging and syncing data between a proprietary REST-based service and a SAP-provided SOAP-service.
We will show how different tools & methods were used to mitigate problems and risks in the project itself:

(1) The long duration of the project: A planned final release date of over 1 year ahead opens up different possibilities for a failed project which have to be mitigated: rotating and shifting teams, different time lines for overlapping releases, feature creep and complexity.

(2) Different team and company cultures: Assuring the information flow across different teams and internal and external service providers. Glossary problems, different budgets, key players and thinking provide additional attrition. We will show examples of the usage of ticket tracking and monitoring using tools like Jira and Bonfire, combined with high-level modelling using ArchiMate to get agreement about the current status of the project and software, and planned features and the overall road-maps.

(3) Project Management: Our project management process combined agile elements into an overall Unified Process producing seven releases in 14 months. We will also show the evolution of the project management process, the used tools and the team (and sub-teams) itself.
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Robert Weißgraeber

Robert Weißgraeber

Robert Weißgraeber is Project Director at Lightwerk, primary specialized in designing, planning and executing corporate portals using TYPO3 and various other technologies, including Solr, Oracle and SAP.

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