Getting Into FLOW3 1.1

Author Robert Lemke
Track Coding
Session type Tutorial (240 minutes)
Long Abstract FLOW3 is a web application platform which uses Domain-Driven Design as its major underlying concept. This approach makes FLOW3 easy to learn and at the same time clean and flexible for complex projects. It features namespaces, has an emphasis on clean, object-oriented code and provides a seamless Doctrine 2 integration.

FLOW3 incorporates Dependency Injection in a way which lets you truly enjoy creating a stable and easy-to-test application architecture (no configuration necessary). Being the only Aspect-Oriented Programming capable PHP framework, FLOW3 allows you to cleanly separate cross-cutting concerns like security from your main application logic. With its 1.1 release, several new features have been introduced, including a comprehensive internationalization support and a standards compliant HTTP foundation.

This tutorial takes you through an imaginary project from scratch. During the journey we’ll visit all important areas of the framework.
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Robert Lemke

Robert Lemke

Robert Lemke is the lead developer of TYPO3 Phoenix and founding developer of the FLOW3 application framework. He is passionate about clean code and found his personal mission in bringing successful development and architecture techniques from other programming languages to the PHP world.
Besides his freelancing work as a software architect and coach, he spends most of his time working for the TYPO3 project. He's also a frequent speaker at T3CON, T3DD and European PHP conferences.
Robert lives in Lübeck, Germany, together with his wife, their two daughters and Vibiemme, their espresso machine.

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