Profiling and debugging FLOW3 and Phoenix

Author Sebastian Kurfuerst
Track Coding
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Striving for higher abstraction levels has a down-side: Debugging and profiling is more complex. That's why we created tools specifically crafted for the FLOW3 infrastructure, which we'll present here.

Envious of the Symfony Debugging Toolbar we've created our own Debug Toolbar specially for our needs and environment. It enables to analyze running requests, and we'll show all the information it provides. Besides simple indicators such as the runtime of the request or memory information, you can also get detailed information about all SQL queries made, or which sub-requests have been executed.

Furthermore, this debug toolbar is built to be extensible, so adding additional information is easily done. We'll demonstrate that with an example.

Additionally, we demonstrate a second tool built just for performance profiling: Plumber. Built for real-world profiling sessions, it makes performance comparisons reproducible and easy. Besides a customizable overview of all profiling runs, it also allows for detailed time- and function traces inside a run.

Of course, profiling should not stop after your website is live: That's why you can trace a few percent of all requests, collecting real-life performance metrics. Plumber features an interactive overview which displays key performance metrics, capable of dealing with thousands of profiling runs. This helps to spot bottlenecks in production easily and to detect correlactions between the different metrics.

As an additional gimmick, we'll showcase a TYPO3 v4/6 extension which can also be used to collect profiling data for Plumber: Use the powerful FLOW3 tools already for your today's TYPO3 projects!
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Sebastian Kurfuerst

Sebastian Kurfuerst

Sebastian is a long-time member of the TYPO3 Project, particularily focussing on FLOW3 and TYPO3 Phoenix.
He loves clean code, design patterns and agile methodologies, but tries to stay pragmatic at the same time.
He's employed at his own company Sandstorm Media, especially focussing on the technologies of tomorrow, pushing the Semantic Web ideas forward.

Marc Neuhaus

Marc Neuhaus

Marc Neuhaus, born in 1985, lives in G├╝tersloh - Germany. He was trained as an digital media designer in Bielefeld and works with TYPO3 since 2006. Since 2009 he created his own company called famelo OHG in G├╝tersloh. Since late 2009 he's been working on a Package called Admin which was the base for the ContentManagement Package. He's also the main developer of the Debug.Toolbar for FLOW3.

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